3D Beat Them All – Dragon fist with tiger guts

3D Beat Them All - Dragon fist with tiger guts

3D Beat Them All – Dragon fist with tiger guts

Tigerman is here to take a new challenge of this arcade-style beat-em-up game.

Can Tigerman fight so good as a hero always do? It’s up to You!!


To be Tigerman, You entered the enemy army’s DoJo.

To use all your reflex, to move Quick and Smart,

to Dodge attacks coming from all directions.

And of course — To keep Kicking and Punching the enemies,

until they are all Knocked Out; Until You are the only one standing!!



* More than 10 enemy types, all looks so familiar, but also so strange.

* 20 Difficulty Levels.

* Over 10 usable costumes, each with different power up.

* So Many Punching and Kicking, Dodging, Running… Actions, even Projectile attacks!!

* The Green Mushroom that make you bigger and stronger; The Red Mushroom that make you unstoppable; Even better, to get them both.

* A Hong Kong Street Level, that gives you endless challenge (as long as you are not knocked-Out).

* Total Smooth control and gameplay. Even when the stage is filled with so many enemies.

* Optimized for all screen types, included 4-inch Retina display on iPhone 5, and Retina display Ipad.



* Punchs is fast, and can hit your enemies rapidly.

* While Kicks has a longer wider range, and will knock your enemies away.

* With Dodge and Running, you can avoid being surrounded, and reach at position of advantage.

* Make good use of power-up Items and Costumes.

* Use the road traffic, and get your enemies road killed.

* Break things in the street to collect power-up items.


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Thanks to Kenneth Long for including this game in his article “Top 20 Beat Em Up Games For Mobile”.

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