Color Kakuro

Have you ever played Minesweeper games? If you have liked these guess the color games, why don’t you try Color Kakuro game once? The mind game is amazingly simple to learn and fun to play with an alert mind!


How to play the game?


The objective of the Color Kakuro game app is simple indeed! It is a single player game and the player has to fill in the blank boxes onscreen with correct colors according to the instruction/clues given.


The players can learn the brain game plan in detail by following the tutorial integrated into the app. It is a mind game but the free flow of the game will keep you entertained as well as super relaxed on your mobile device for sure.




Before you hit the download button, take a quick glance at the entertaining features of the app Color Kakuro:

1. Simple to understand but lively user interface,

2. You will get to access the detailed tutorial from the interface: playing the Color Kakuro game app will be simpler with the help of this tutorial,

3. You can switch over the mode of guess the color gameplay between day mode and night mode,

4. You can customize the sound according to preference while playing with the app,

5. It is a multi-level pack game: level packs are simple, medium, hard, and master,

6. The difficulty of Color Kakuro game app will be ascending as you will climb the upper level: enjoy challenge and color frenzy at one go,

7. Access the achievement button: check how other players are playing this color puzzle game,

8. Play the game unlimited offline unless you want to access achievement.


Download the entertaining Color Kakuro game app: playing this color puzzle game app will not only keep you amused with comprehensive color mania, it will help you to manage stress in an amicable way. The free mobile game will offer you device optimization.

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