Valentine’s Zoo

Help the lonely animals in Valentine’s Zoo, to match with their playmate.

Go discover all missing species for Valentine’s Zoo, and have more fun!!


Puzzle match games have been very popular, and due to their easy gameplay and fun challenges, they remain as one of the most popular mobile gaming genres. If you are in search of this type of game, a new challenge maybe, then you know how difficult it can be to find a fun puzzle match game that will test your brain and reactions. No worries, Play this amazing game and let’s see what the game offers.


With the gameplay and features offered on this speed match puzzle game, players will get addicted to playing on their first try for sure, never getting tired of matching and puzzling. Because this puzzle game will test the player’s reaction time, each player will have the chance to challenge his own skills while at the same time enjoys the excitement of the game. A quite simple task is given to the player and that is to make as many matches as he can. The player has only 10 seconds to make each match and because the timer is counting down fast, the player needs to think harder and faster to make target matches and complete the level.


A fast-paced exercise, Speed Match exercises your brain’s ability to process information and thus improves a wide variety of cognitive skills.


Valentine’s Zoo, is Positively the most adorable speed matching game you’ll ever play!

Tiles with cute pets shuffle into place on the game screen.

Pair the matching pets before the time runs out or the tiles get reshuffled.

Every advancing level keeps the game fresh and more challenging as you progress.

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