Whiteboard Bubbles

M-Jungle Bubble Shooter


Are you sitting in your office, bored and watching the clock tick forever? Our M-Jungle colleagues are going through the same agony, sitting in an endless meeting called by Mr. Boss. Join them in a fun-filled bubble shooting game to bring joy to the office again!


Meet the M-Jungle colleagues:


Fozy: He’s not smart, but he’s kind. Fozy believes the world is a beautiful place and nothing is impossible with we are determined and hard working.


Wize: Once the king of the M-Jungle Planet, Wize could only find an office job when he came to Earth. To make things worse, he always got messed up by Fozy and his friends’ silliness.


Mr. Boss: The boss of Fozy and Wize. You can find all the stereotypes about a boss on him. Is this good or bad? Work for him and find out!


Disclaimer: M-Jungle will not be responsible for any consequences caused by the excessive playing of M-Jungle Bubble Shooter in your office.

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