Onet Connect Sweet – 100% Sweet

Onet Connect Sweet is a super cute Lianliankan, beyond the classic, girls love to eliminate casual games!
Like to play with you again, still endure those boring mahjong, car standard, flag, precious stones, diamonds, pictures, and a variety of screenshots produced Lianliankan game it? Download Onet Connect Sweet!
Onet Connect Sweet, designed for mobile game gamers customized Lianliankan, bring the whole people to eliminate the fun of the new climax! The classic play, unique level design, exquisite game effects for you to bring a better gaming experience, beyond the fruits of consumer music, Bingo eliminate music, and other games.
Onet Connect Sweet is a classic game of transplant arcade games, this Lianliankan game for all players! Boys, girls, children, students, the elderly, and even a variety of lovely elves and small animals like this Lianliankan Oh!
How to play
Getting Rid of two blocks with the same candy or dessert by linking them with less than 3 lines.
Game Features
1.Dozens of candy and dessert let you choose, a variety of props auxiliary clearance!
2.Picture very cute, play innovation, Lianliankan similar enthusiasts will play!
3.Hundreds of points waiting for you to challenge!
4.Perfect Lianliankan experience, the fun index continued to soar
5.Perfect match phone and tablet and other equipment
6.Stand-alone game, no networking, no energy bottles, no restrictions, no traffic can play!
If you like the pet Lianliankan, fruit and vegetable Lianliankan, gem Lianliankan, on the touch, bubble dragon, destroy the stars, Tetris, and other classic games, we believe that Onet Connect Sweet must be your favorite Oh!
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